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If you’re interested in the great fragranced candles and beautiful accessories by PartyLite, there are 3 very attractive options available to you.

1. Be a Guest at a Party and treat yourself to something special. Go shopping without stress, and enjoy our special service.

2. Become a Hostess and benefit from the many advantages this offers, such as free products, discounted products, monthly specials and a  “booking thank you“.

3. Become a PartyLite Consultant  - that means flexibility, independence, success.
As a PartyLite Consultant you are the one who determines how much you would like to earn. You’re your own boss and organise your time as you like, so you have enough time for your family personal commitments
If you would like to know more about Partylite business opportunity or being a hostess please call me on 07764 583737. We have regular monthly meetings, if you would like to come and have a look get in touch.
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